Since joining the ‘05 Sweden Selects team just two years ago, Jacob Sagadin has had the opportunity to compete against world-class competition at the European Summer Series in Prague, the World Selects Invitational in Belarus, and most recently, the Tretiak Cup in Moscow, Russia.

His journey began when a Selects coach saw his unique talent out on the ice and encouraged him to get involved with the program.

“I’m truly happy that a Selects coach happened to see me play,” Sagadin said. “He liked my hockey and thought it would be a good opportunity to get involved with the Selects program. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity.”

Sagadin is a center on the ‘05 team, but also plays well on the wings when called upon. He’s a hard-nosed two way player and a first-pass mover who always tries to make his teammates better. Right now he’s focused on improving his strength, his speed, and his skills with the puck.

“I believe hockey is changing,” he said. “Speed will be everything, and you just need to practice hard to be able to do all things much faster.”

Selects has helped Sagadin reach new levels by connecting him with players that share his dedication to improving year-round.

“Being with like-minded and skilled players pushes you to always walk that extra-mile in everything you do,” he said. “There are so many talented players here in Sweden and internationally, many of which I’m good friends with and we stay in contact between the events. You grow not only as a player on the ice, the Selects program shares values like the importance of staying humble and always being a great representative to the sport.”  

Sagadin says his favorite experience with Selects was at the 2018 World Selects Invitational in Minsk, Belarus. It’s easy to see why. Sagadin led all players with eight goals and 12 points in five games en route to an appearance in the WSI finals. He was similarly effective at the Tretiak Cup this month in Moscow, scoring five goals and seven points in six games. Sagadin also had the chance to meet legendary Russian goaltender Vladislav Tretiak (pictured below). The young Swedish center said the whole Tretiak Cup experience was surreal for him.   

“Having in mind all the great international games played against The Red Army and now being there first-hand playing games against tremendously talented Russian teams,” Sagadin said. “What can I say? One of my dreams came true at a young age and I hope to be back many times in the future.”

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